Cleopatra and running

Today was a good day. More and more I feel like someone BIG definitely has my back in the universe. I’ve got new client meetings, personal photo projects planned, I feel great and every day I learn something new. I’ve started reading the book Cleopatra a life by Stacy Schiff (I have a fascination with women in history) and as it turns out the majority of the accounts we have heard about her were based in fiction. People that were alive centuries after she was around created her history. I actually find it interesting that the ‘history’ we have known of her all these years is mostly based on a bunch of stories some people made up years after her death. 


I read a lot, not as much as I used to, but I’m getting back there. Now-a-days I read mostly articles to do with photography on the net, but I’m pushing to have more face time with actual books. I’ve even gone as far as to create an Amazon wish list just for books. So far, I’ve read two books on the list. One I couldn’t make it through but I have a valid reason. It was a very high level self help book written by a psychologist. Let’s just say I could hardly understand what she was talking about and I think I even started to feel a little crappy about myself. Yah, that one is on a time out! Cleopatra is the one I’m reading now. Hopefully it won’t be as hard to get through. I think next in line for me will be Beauty and Sadness. I have a long list of photography books to make my way through as well, but that is for another post. 

I learned a very interesting thing today too via Google. I’m quite possibly allergic to running. It even has a name: Exercise-induced anaphylaxis. Apparently I need a prescription if I want to get and stay fit that way. LOL, how strange!

Happy weekend!

Peace and love everytime

A few details

Although I worked at numerous weddings last year, as most of you would have noticed I haven’t made that many posts about them. The main reason for this is the fact that I don’t have the rights to publish the images I took. Sometimes it’s as simple as people wanting to keep their wedding day personal and not have it online for every Tom and Jack’s viewing or because I shot as a second shooter on the day. Other times it is because I’ve been hired by another photog that has maybe double booked the day or simply won’t be able to make an appearance for personal reasons. I personally don’t like to publish images of people on my site or blog that I have not gotten explicit rights to. Simple.

A few details’ will be a series of posts in which I share with you some images from weddings that for the most part won’t have people in them. They will focus on wedding details that the couples, well let’s face it it’s actually the bride, spends months mulling over making sure it’s is absolutely perfect on her wedding day.  

The first wedding I’m featuring took place on June 25th, 2010. This was actually the couple’s second wedding since they had had a civil service some years ago. I remember the groom saying he had promised his wife that she would have a real wedding and he pulled it together all on his own. These two people were madly in love. I usually find wedding ceremonies emotional but the love emanating from these two people was so awesome. 

The dressing and reception took place at the Terra Nova Hotel. Their ceremony was at UWI Chapel

I saw this room at Terra Nova and just had to take a picture. I had never seen inside it before and they don’t seem to keep functions in it, so grabbed a quick snapshot for my collection. Candi + Cleavland (2).jpg

The brides shoes were so cute!Candi + Cleavland (6)2.jpg


The rings were pretty amazing too ^_^Candi-+-Cleavland-(8).jpg Candi-+-Cleavland-(9).jpg Candi-+-Cleavland-(1).jpg

 And I know I said no people pictures, but I cropped it so you can’t even see who it actually is…IMG_3551.jpg

Enjoy the week!


Long Family Portrait

I really love it when my clients are my friends, whether they are old friends or newly found ones. So far I’ve been lucky to have this be true with all of my personal clients. I photographed my friend Meisha’s wedding last year, you can see images here and here. This Christmas she had a special request of me. She asked me to photograph her family so that they could give out the images as photo gifts. I thought it was an awesome idea, especially since Christmas is, or should really be all about family, friends and love in general. I love how the images came out and her family absoulutely loved them! Now that’s what I call a Christmas bonus. Yay me! I am sharing some images from the shoot here with you. Enjoy!

IMG_2152.jpg IMG_2164.jpg IMG_2178.jpg IMG_2181.jpg IMG_2211.jpg IMG_2200.jpg IMG_2214.jpg IMG_2223.jpg Untitled-1.jpg

Long Family Portrait from Tricia Bent on Vimeo.

Peace & Love


Of Fairytales Part 2 - The Snow Queen

This shoot was another in my on going series on fairytales. It is based on a character from the Hans Christian Andersen story of the same title. You can read one version of the story here

Yes, I know I live in Jamaica where there being snow is as unlikely as us having a honest politian :) Despite my lack of snow though I love the way the images turned out. From my earlier understanding of the story, I was of the impression that she was actually a kind character. She wasn’t mean or evil, but her motives did seem a little selfish to me. She afterall abducted a young boy when he had gotten glass shards in his heart and decided to keep him for herself. 

My cousin, Denninee, was a willing model for my antics and my awesome friend Nicole provided her excellent makeup artistry. Thanks so much guys.

IMG_9925bb.jpg Untitled-3b.jpg IMG_99002.jpg IMG_9994l.jpg IMG_9971-Edit5b.jpg

Peace & love


Of Fairytales Part 1

We all know them. Most of us read them as children, some of us have re-read them as adults. Fairytales… Happy endings seem synonymous with them. As an adult I realised that they weren’t all happy sing-songy tales. Most of the lead female characters lead terrible lives, locked in dungeons, making sacrifices, living with people that hated them for their beauty etc. How happy could they have been really? Anyhow, they are the recent inspiration for this series of shoots. The title says part 1 because I am taking my time and working through several of these tales.

My first shoot was on Rapunzel. Here is a link to the original story. Her beautiful long hair in my mind was a curse to her. This is a look at how I think she truly felt. Hope you like.

*Many thanks to Nicole Chin for the model’s fabulous makeup job and for assiting me with the lighting. Also thanks to Takelia for being a willing subject.*

Rapunzel (10).jpg

Rapunzel (1).jpg


I really like windows. Better yet, I LOVE them. To me a room that has a lot of windows is one of those rare, simple, pleasurable places to be. What I like best about windows is their ability to let both light and air in. When you walk into a room that has been shut up for a while, that’s dark and maybe a little dank, open a drape and the whole personality of that room can change.

We all have those days that are not so great, those times in our lives where things seem hopeless, or you feel helpless. I know I do for sure. I worry about where my life is going, how good I am at my job, my art/talent, money, gear, health, all manner of things. I look around me and sometimes feel like Jamaica is going nowhere fast, like I might be on a sinking ship of sorts. These thoughts put me in a low place. They make me feel like I’m locked in one of those dank, dark spaces (which is pretty easy for me to imagine since I lived in an apartment that literally had no windows for some time!). At times like these a small glimmer of hope always arises, whether in the form of help when you least expect it, a kind word from someone you know, or even a great song on the radio that ends up lifting your spirit. To me those are the sunbeams forcing their way through our closed drapes. These are our cues to pull the drapes back and let the light in! Better yet open the window! window.jpg

Peace & Love


P.S For all my Jamaican peeps: Try to stay safe during the impending hurricane, Tomas. Here’s a link to ODPEM where you can find some hurricane tips and another to weather underground so you can keep up to date on the expected weather.

Mini-weekend review

I hope this weekend was a good one for all of you. Mine was border-line. It had it’s moments. Life, is a funny thing. It’s real messy. The rain, plus my nine dogs keep reminding me of that. It kind of amazes me how much love and joy you can get from the things that sometimes drive you the most crazy. My dogs for example, I love them to death, but they make it really difficult to keep my small home clean. They’re rambunctious and full of engery and life; everytime you look at them their eyes shine with either concern or joy at your sight. As nutso as it drives me I can’t imagine having to actually give one the little one to it’s new family. The thought kind of makes me a little sad. I try not to be though…

I didn’t do much photographically this weekend. Sorted through some files and did some minor editing on about three images, but that was pretty much it. I had a shoot planned but things were not exactly going my way since Friday. That stint ended on SAturday night it seems, thank goodness. I did figureout one thing which I feel pretty accomplised about. It’s nothing major really. I learnt how to create a slideshow in lightroom and not have it come out pixelated (which was driving me up the wall!). It’s simple, and I can embedd it in my blog easily which is pretty cool. So no photo tonight, just a short slideshow. Have an awesome week.

Client Slideshow from Tricia Bent on Vimeo.

Peace & love


Happy Weekend!

We’ve got a long weekend ahead of us in JA. For some of us it means long drives to the country, parties, beach days and racing, for others it will be a quiet weekend spent at home with the tv, or with family (that might be lots of loud fun for some). Whatever your choice of entertainment this week stay true to yourself, use your head and stay safe. Remember no matter how bad things get there is always someone out there worst off than you. Be grateful and forever thankful. You have life!

I’ve put a pic and one of my favorite quotes below.


Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things which you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the harbour. Catch the tradewinds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” - Mark Twain

Japanese Gyaru Shoot

I really love collaborating with other artists. Whether it’s for make-up, graphics, or other artistic areas. I dreamt up the idea for a Jap-anime inspired shoot, so I gave my friend Janniku (make-up artist) a buzz because I knew that this kind of thing would be right up her alley. My timeline was short however since I wanted to do the shoot two days after asking her if she’d be up for it. Turns out it was impossible to get props on such short notice for that theme shoot. Jan, however, loves not only anime but Japanese culture in general, and came up with this fantastic idea to do a shoot based on Japanese Gyaru Girls. I’ve shared a few of my faves from the shoot below.    


IMG_7245a.jpg IMG_7255a.jpg IMG_7306b_.jpg IMG_7310a.jpg IMG_7313a.jpg IMG_7361B_.jpg

IMG_7364b_.jpgPeace + Love



My pup had some pups of her own a few weeks ago. Yep I’m a Granny! The are such cuitie pies! The munchkins are now 4 weeks, and now we can see personalities emerging. I tried to take pics of all of them but lost track of whose photo I had taken already, so everyone’s pic might not be included. I have a few of my faves below and many more in the slideshow at the end of this post. Happy weekend!

IMG_9037.jpg IMG_9032.jpg IMG_9022.jpg IMG_9007.jpg IMG_8984.jpg IMG_8998.jpg

Peace + Love