Wallpaper Giveaway!

Hi guys! I hope the weekend was as fantastic as you are :o) This week I’m sharing a wallpaper for your desktops. We get so caught up sometimes in all the crap (pardon my french) around us that we forget to step back and just take in the beauty of nature. This isn’t a new pic admittedly, I took it a few months ago on one of my “I need to run away” road trips (I really like running away, clears the head and all that).  The photo is a simple reminder of how beautiful our small island is and that things aren’t as bad as they seem if we choose to change our perspective a little bit. To download, just right click on either image. Happy Tuesday! Hope the rest of the week is blessed!

 Super sized desktop

PhotoBelles Wall Paper .jpg

 Standard size desktop

PhotoBelles Wallpaper Standard Screen size.jpg

 iPad, mini or iPhone size desktop

PhotoBelles Wallpaper iPad and iPhone.jpg


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