Cool ways to display your photos

Some folks are not really sure of what to do with their prints once they get them. Some run out and buy a really great frame so they can display their images in a vareity of rooms in their home. Some photos aren’t so lucky and get boxed, or if they’re digital, filed away in a folder somewhere on their machine. Poor pics :o(

Your photos hold your life’s memories. They remind us of the good times, the happy times (mostly anyway). Sure we can display them on our fb, instagram and pinterest etc, but why not show off those moments beautifully in your home as well? The internet is riddled with ideas for cute, simple and classic ways to display your images. I’ve provided some pics below of a few of my own and a few I found on the net (pinterest mainly lol I am an addict you guys need to seriously get an account!)

A twist on the classic framed print: My wedding clients get their images professionally matted. I usually start the framing process for them. The follow through is pretty simple after that. Sometimes their wedding images lend themselves to interesting framing options. When I was editing photos in the pic below I kept seeing a series in my mind. I took my idea to my framer and the result as you can see was breath taking. :o) I think it’s so awesome!   



The image below shows the way all my wedding/portrait photography clients get their images. For this set I added an extra treat by including blue matting as well to compliment the colors their family wore for their shoot.  


Accordian Mini books: This is a cute, fun way to share your special day with loved ones. It’s around the size of a wallet photo and it is just too cute!


Below are some other cool ideas I found on the net (pinterest mainly hehe). Each photo links to the original blog so you can check out more ideas. I’ve also added another list below with additional links for more inspiration.

Standout Mounts. What these are is one image (sometimes you will see single images as well) printed on gatorboard/foamboard. These are really popular on the web and they usually come ready to hang. I love that this person also has a “picture line”. It’s a cool fun way to show off family pics and it also allows you the option of rotating images. 


These I absolutely love! A magazine for each year in the family’s history. I mean! Such a nifty idea. And it looks stylish. Which kid wouldn’t want to show off their family albums if they looked as cool as these? This is something I definitely plan to do if I ever have a little brood of my own :o)


Wall clusters are a really neat way to show off not only your family photos, but also your wedding pics, baby pics whichever you choose. I saw this cool one and thought i would creat one of my own. You’ll see it below. They are usully printed on either, metal, gatorboard, wood (sometimes) and as canvas (this is the most popular I find). It’s a really cool way to bring life to your home and show off your family photos in an artistic way. 




I offer clusters now printed on canvas btw :o) You can view them in my etsy store

Here are some other sites that have some really breathtaking photo display ideas. (fave!) (love that each print is personalized with each childs name) (my favorite pinterest blog for photo display ideas)

Hope it’s a fabulous Tuesday and the rest of the week follows suit!



I've just started considering how to display my photos, Tricia. It's gotten too easy to just leave them on the computer instead of displaying them! I picked up a few long shelves so that I can try out a gallery wall without having to put so many holes in my walls so that I can dip my toe into displaying my photos (and art). I especially like the wedding photos you did all in one frame--that's such a classy way to tell a visual story.
Thanks Jessica. You are so right. It is so easy to leave pics in digital no mans land! I'm glad you're making the effort to display your photos and art work. We have become so used to digital that we sometimes forget about the beauty of an actual printed image and how nice it is to have something tangible. I would love to see how your photo/art shelves turn out. Send me a pic when it's done! Hope the weekend is great!

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