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Hi everyone,

I hope the Christmas season was a good one! Personally I am looking forward to 2013. I cannot wait! 13 is usually a lucky number for me so I think things will be looking up from here. For the New Year I am going to enter the realm of Boudoir Photography. This is a fun, classy and sexy way for a lady to show that special person in her life just how gorgeous she is and how lucky he is to have her be a part of his life. I have done several boudoir shoots in the past, but could not figure out a way to really advertise that service simply because of the nature of the photos. I totally love and respect my clients and so as a way to protect them I don’t post any of their boudoir shots on the net. As a result I had to find a really brave candidate :o) I won’t disclose who it was though and now I have an ad! Thanks chica ;) So without further ado…


Ain’t it nice! My graphic artist is da bomb! *pops collar*

To find out what exactly Boudoir Photography is you can follow these two links: The Knot & The Week. They both explain it pretty well. Other photographers in the blogger-verse have received permission from some clients to post their work on the web.  Three of my favourite Boudoir Blogs are Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photography, Darbi G’s Sugar & Spice and Racy Steeves.

I’m excited! Hope the weekend treats you well!

Happy 2013 when it comes 


mimi b
I love the idea and the name is so classy!!
Thanks Mimi! :o)

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