Meisha's a mommy!

Hi y’all! Hope the day has been going swimmingly for you and the rest of the week will follow suit. This weeks blog post is a tad late in coming. My friend Meisha, I shot her wedding and family portrait for her last year, is now a mommy! Congrats girlie on the little tyke! He is such a cutie pie! Now, I said this post is late in coming because the pics here are from her maternity shoot. Trey’s at least 3 weeks old now and luckily for me he delayed his appearance so I could get some shots.

A client like Meisha is a true gift; a photographers dream I would say. Pictures are pretty important to her, she’s patient, really cool and good looking. Easy to photograph and always willing :-)

I sang throughout this whole shoot btw which everyone found amusing. Think I’ll save the song for when I get my shots of baby. Haha! 


Can you say GORGEOUS!!! I mean seriously?

IMG_3343.jpg IMG_3345.jpgIMG_3354b+w.jpg IMG_3398.jpg IMG_3425.jpg IMG_3445.jpg IMG_3467.jpg IMG_3516.jpg IMG_3543.jpg


Do you see those fire engine red nails! So awesome :-) [I’m humming again]

IMG_3580.jpg IMG_3582.jpg

She is one hot mama! 

Enjoy the week folks.

Just living is not enough.  One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.  ~Hans Christian Anderson


I LOVE the black&white ones!!! I agree, gorgeous!!!
what a way you favor your mom!!! Beautiful Meish :)

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