Jamaica Dance Umbrella

I’ve been pretty scarce on the blog front. Kind of feel like I’ve been neglecting my child, but alas I am back with some posts you will hopefully love. I’ve been swamped to say the least. I did a calendar/postcard shoot two weeks ago which was a new adventure in studio set ups for me. In the same week I was hired to cover the Jamaica Dance Umbrella shows from Thursday to Sunday. I had a ridiculous amount of images to go through editing and retouching so blogging though it was on my mind was pretty hard to fit into my schedule.

It’s ironic to me that I would have been hired to photograph a dance show. I used to be a professional dancer. I did ballet for 13 years, danced in L’Acadco (I was the youngest member they had ever had at the time) and I attended the Ailey School for one semester before I literally gave up. I’m a quitter I will admit, but I was simply over it. My back had started giving me problems and my ego which I hadn’t realised how big it was until I actually went to Ailey suffered from some seriously heavy bruising. When I attended Ailey the love I thought was there barely trickled in my veins. That mixed with extreme home-sickness, back issues, and a plethora of other things made me turn my back (literally) on dance. A few weeks ago my cousin, who is an exceptional dancer herself, asked me to take a few photographs for her application to a few dance programs in the U.S. She had been my willing guinea pig when I had wanted a dancer to photograph, plus she’s my cousin so of course I obliged her. While doing the shoot I ran into a dancer I knew long ago named Neila. A few days later she called me and asked me if I’d be interested in shooting her calendar/postcard project since the photographer that she had initially asked to do it was for whatever reason un-reachable. Of course I was like “sure, I’d love to!” Little did I know that taking those images would lead to me taking pictures for the entire weekend. I was pretty thrilled. The show overall was really good, but there were some pieces that really spoke to a shadowy corner of my soul and called me back to dance. It’s a funny thing, I started doing photography when I decided that dance wasn’t for me anymore, and yet it is photography that could actually bring me back to the studio. I don’t intended to go back to being a professional, but I am a little more comfortable (although a bit apprehensive) about taking a class once, maybe even twice a week. I am sharing a few images from the show below.

IMG_8960.jpg IMG_8968.jpg IMG_9004.jpg IMG_9003.jpg IMG_0856.jpg IMG_0950.jpg IMG_1206.jpg

Hope the weekend was fun, restful and wishing it was a bit longer…

Peace out!



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Renee McDonald
Hi I am the Dancer in the first 4 shots you have here. Also the choreographer of that piece. I randomly stubbled upon your blog (Googling L'Acadco). Your shots are BEYONDDDDD AMAZING! Dance Umbrella is on this weekend. Please email me if you would like a photographer's pass. Also, can I have your permission to post these to Facebook? I will put your name as the Photographer. Please get back to me :)

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