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Although I worked at numerous weddings last year, as most of you would have noticed I haven’t made that many posts about them. The main reason for this is the fact that I don’t have the rights to publish the images I took. Sometimes it’s as simple as people wanting to keep their wedding day personal and not have it online for every Tom and Jack’s viewing or because I shot as a second shooter on the day. Other times it is because I’ve been hired by another photog that has maybe double booked the day or simply won’t be able to make an appearance for personal reasons. I personally don’t like to publish images of people on my site or blog that I have not gotten explicit rights to. Simple.

A few details’ will be a series of posts in which I share with you some images from weddings that for the most part won’t have people in them. They will focus on wedding details that the couples, well let’s face it it’s actually the bride, spends months mulling over making sure it’s is absolutely perfect on her wedding day.  

The first wedding I’m featuring took place on June 25th, 2010. This was actually the couple’s second wedding since they had had a civil service some years ago. I remember the groom saying he had promised his wife that she would have a real wedding and he pulled it together all on his own. These two people were madly in love. I usually find wedding ceremonies emotional but the love emanating from these two people was so awesome. 

The dressing and reception took place at the Terra Nova Hotel. Their ceremony was at UWI Chapel

I saw this room at Terra Nova and just had to take a picture. I had never seen inside it before and they don’t seem to keep functions in it, so grabbed a quick snapshot for my collection. Candi + Cleavland (2).jpg

The brides shoes were so cute!Candi + Cleavland (6)2.jpg


The rings were pretty amazing too ^_^Candi-+-Cleavland-(8).jpg Candi-+-Cleavland-(9).jpg Candi-+-Cleavland-(1).jpg

 And I know I said no people pictures, but I cropped it so you can’t even see who it actually is…IMG_3551.jpg

Enjoy the week!



Great photos T! Loved, loved, LOVED the photos of the brides shoes & the cropeed photo of the bridal couple. Fabolous work T. Ab fab.
Thanks so much Shani! You made my morning :-)

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