I took these pictures of my brother weeks ago! Like 4 or 5 weeks ago. Let’s just say I have been having some serious time management issues, plus last week was literally like a run-away freight train. I was literally up to my eye balls in stress. On top of it all my laptop is acting up aka lightroom is shot and I’ve had my first experience with actually loosing files o_O. I took it in stride however. All it means is I have a really good excuse to get a Mac :-) I’ve got a birthday coming up, any offers?? This mini photo shoot was all inspired by my bros hair cut. He had locks for a while (you can see pics of him with them here), and he just got up one day and decided to trim. He looked good with the locks, but bwoy that hair cut made him look really great! Anyhow, ladies this one’s for you! Send me a dm if you want digits! 

Hope the weekend was fab everyone. Enjoy!

 IMG_3237.jpg IMG_3259bw.jpg IMG_3251.jpg IMG_3253.jpg IMG_3244.jpg IMG_3262.jpg

He is really into music, so I grabbed a few shots of him doing some work and his equipment while I was there. Btw the music in the slideshow is his!

IMG_3272.jpg IMG_3207.jpg


Untitled from Tricia Bent on Vimeo.

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