Mini-weekend review

I hope this weekend was a good one for all of you. Mine was border-line. It had it’s moments. Life, is a funny thing. It’s real messy. The rain, plus my nine dogs keep reminding me of that. It kind of amazes me how much love and joy you can get from the things that sometimes drive you the most crazy. My dogs for example, I love them to death, but they make it really difficult to keep my small home clean. They’re rambunctious and full of engery and life; everytime you look at them their eyes shine with either concern or joy at your sight. As nutso as it drives me I can’t imagine having to actually give one the little one to it’s new family. The thought kind of makes me a little sad. I try not to be though…

I didn’t do much photographically this weekend. Sorted through some files and did some minor editing on about three images, but that was pretty much it. I had a shoot planned but things were not exactly going my way since Friday. That stint ended on SAturday night it seems, thank goodness. I did figureout one thing which I feel pretty accomplised about. It’s nothing major really. I learnt how to create a slideshow in lightroom and not have it come out pixelated (which was driving me up the wall!). It’s simple, and I can embedd it in my blog easily which is pretty cool. So no photo tonight, just a short slideshow. Have an awesome week.

Client Slideshow from Tricia Bent on Vimeo.

Peace & love


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Dr. Parkinson
I Tricia your work is beautiful. I'm quite impress with your vision and the beauty you see in thinks (nature). You capture those special moments. Your talent is impressive, praise be to the Most High God. I'm still at Lehman. I'm a Dr. now and I run the SLC (I'm the full Coordinator). Hope to hear from you. PS. Do you keep in contact with Suzanne Bent. If you have her contacts, please send it to me. Blessings.

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