Japanese Gyaru Shoot

I really love collaborating with other artists. Whether it’s for make-up, graphics, or other artistic areas. I dreamt up the idea for a Jap-anime inspired shoot, so I gave my friend Janniku (make-up artist) a buzz because I knew that this kind of thing would be right up her alley. My timeline was short however since I wanted to do the shoot two days after asking her if she’d be up for it. Turns out it was impossible to get props on such short notice for that theme shoot. Jan, however, loves not only anime but Japanese culture in general, and came up with this fantastic idea to do a shoot based on Japanese Gyaru Girls. I’ve shared a few of my faves from the shoot below.    


IMG_7245a.jpg IMG_7255a.jpg IMG_7306b_.jpg IMG_7310a.jpg IMG_7313a.jpg IMG_7361B_.jpg

IMG_7364b_.jpgPeace + Love


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