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So, I have a new blog host. It’s the same old look, which I debated over keeping but I don’t feel like I’ve reached the end of the life of this look as yet. It will also still be about photography which I just can’t seem to get enough of. This blog should be easier for me to use (I had to actually learn how to read html code to edit the old one==> STRESS!), easier to edit which means I can make it look exactly the way I want and I can post bigger pictures more easily using this host. It made it a challenge to update as well and so I haven’t written in a while. Not only that but I was on a little break doing lots of reading and thinking, learning new things about this art form, myself and life along the way, but that I’ll write about another time.

I’m going to start this new blog with two old images. I took these two pictures on my first camping trip in holiwell a few years ago. This was one of the first set of landscape images I took with my then brand new digital Rebel. This set of images are always dear to me and you will actually see a few of them showcased on my site ( under the Jamaica link. 

I remember this trip specifically because of how long it took four guys to light one fire. They couldn’t do Bear Grylls job that’s for sure! The trip turned out to be an interesting experience and a lot of fun. It was cold (but it didn’t rain-that was another trip) and I was a little worried about how safe it was, but I’m still here and kicking (thank goodness!). Here they are old, but newly edit images. Enjoy.



Peace out!



Noah A
Welcome to the fotojournal community! I just checked out your portfolio, and old blog nice work. Did you end up liking Vision Mongers?
Thanks Noah! Vision Mongers was a really good book. If you can you should check it out. I'm currently reading Vision is Better: Free the mind, free the camera by the same author. He has lots of good books on his pixelated image site.

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