Of Fairytales Part 1

We all know them. Most of us read them as children, some of us have re-read them as adults. Fairytales… Happy endings seem synonymous with them. As an adult I realised that they weren’t all happy sing-songy tales. Most of the lead female characters lead terrible lives, locked in dungeons, making sacrifices, living with people that hated them for their beauty etc. How happy could they have been really? Anyhow, they are the recent inspiration for this series of shoots. The title says part 1 because I am taking my time and working through several of these tales.

My first shoot was on Rapunzel. Here is a link to the original story. Her beautiful long hair in my mind was a curse to her. This is a look at how I think she truly felt. Hope you like.

*Many thanks to Nicole Chin for the model’s fabulous makeup job and for assiting me with the lighting. Also thanks to Takelia for being a willing subject.*

Rapunzel (10).jpg

Rapunzel (1).jpg

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