I really like windows. Better yet, I LOVE them. To me a room that has a lot of windows is one of those rare, simple, pleasurable places to be. What I like best about windows is their ability to let both light and air in. When you walk into a room that has been shut up for a while, that’s dark and maybe a little dank, open a drape and the whole personality of that room can change.

We all have those days that are not so great, those times in our lives where things seem hopeless, or you feel helpless. I know I do for sure. I worry about where my life is going, how good I am at my job, my art/talent, money, gear, health, all manner of things. I look around me and sometimes feel like Jamaica is going nowhere fast, like I might be on a sinking ship of sorts. These thoughts put me in a low place. They make me feel like I’m locked in one of those dank, dark spaces (which is pretty easy for me to imagine since I lived in an apartment that literally had no windows for some time!). At times like these a small glimmer of hope always arises, whether in the form of help when you least expect it, a kind word from someone you know, or even a great song on the radio that ends up lifting your spirit. To me those are the sunbeams forcing their way through our closed drapes. These are our cues to pull the drapes back and let the light in! Better yet open the window! window.jpg

Peace & Love


P.S For all my Jamaican peeps: Try to stay safe during the impending hurricane, Tomas. Here’s a link to ODPEM where you can find some hurricane tips and another to weather underground so you can keep up to date on the expected weather.

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