Of Fairytales Part 2 - The Snow Queen

This shoot was another in my on going series on fairytales. It is based on a character from the Hans Christian Andersen story of the same title. You can read one version of the story here

Yes, I know I live in Jamaica where there being snow is as unlikely as us having a honest politian :) Despite my lack of snow though I love the way the images turned out. From my earlier understanding of the story, I was of the impression that she was actually a kind character. She wasn’t mean or evil, but her motives did seem a little selfish to me. She afterall abducted a young boy when he had gotten glass shards in his heart and decided to keep him for herself. 

My cousin, Denninee, was a willing model for my antics and my awesome friend Nicole provided her excellent makeup artistry. Thanks so much guys.

IMG_9925bb.jpg Untitled-3b.jpg IMG_99002.jpg IMG_9994l.jpg IMG_9971-Edit5b.jpg

Peace & love



Don Giovanni
When the light hits it, you'd never know the material.. nice work on it
Thanks Gio ^_^

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